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Headteacher's Welcome

A Very Warm Welcome From The Head Teacher

We warmly welcome you to Bishop Aldhelm’s C.E. Primary School.  We are a family school founded upon a Christian tradition of faithful service to the local community. We serve both the Parish of St. Aldhelm’s Church and Poole Borough’s Designated Catchment Area for our school.

I am delighted to be able to write this introductory to you in my new role as Headteacher. From the first moment that I joined, then called St Aldhelm’s Combined School in 2001, I was captivated by the ethos of the school!  It is a privilege to be entrusted with the job of leading the school that I believe has an amazing charm and values, which hold the children at its heart. We are lucky to have a highly-skilled, committed team who strive for the upmost success for our children and who have a caring and supportive philosophy at their core.  Bishop Aldhelm’s Primary School is undoubtedly a unique school and I feel honoured to be leading us forward.

We are proud of the fantastic, special children who attend our school; of the inspiring, caring adults who work at our school; of the amazing, talented governors who guide our school; of the wonderful, kind parents who trust us with the schooling of their children; of our partnership with St. Aldhelm’s Church and of the hard-working, creative local community of which we, at school, are a major part. We are proud of our history and proud of our beautiful building. Called ‘St. Aldhelm’s C.E. Combined School’ until September 2013, Bishop Aldhelm’s C.E. Primary School has been educating children to the highest of standards since 1877.

Through their experiences at our school, children and adults learn about God’s love and gain a real understanding of our school values both within the context of our caring, Christian - based environment and within the wider world.

We thank those of you with a child at our school for placing your child in our care. We will work with you to ensure the full spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and aesthetic development of your child. We recognise the responsibility that is upon us to serve our children and we wish this to be undertaken in partnership with parents and carers. We sincerely hope that you feel part of our family.

St. Aldhelm, who became the first Bishop of Sherborne (hence our school’s name), was himself a noted scholar. We seek to maintain a tradition of sound and futures-based learning within the context of Christian love, family life and worship.

Welcome to Bishop Aldhelm’s C.E. Primary School!  

With best wishes,

Scott Tait


A warm welcome...

A warm welcome...