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BABA Enrichment Curriculum

In addition to teaching the National Curriculum the school also offers a Primary Enrichment Curriculum, the ‘Bishop Aldhelm’s Bachelor of Arts’ (BABA), which aims to develop children's 'Life skills'.  This will be a curriculum for pupils across the whole school, offering opportunities across a range of subjects.

We believe that in order for a child to become a success in their future learning and life, it is important to actively teach these 'soft-skills'.

Therefore, one afternoon a week 1:45pm – 3.15pm, the whole school takes part in Enrichment Afternoons.   During Enrichment Afternoons, children seek to develop the life skills shown in the diagram.

The Primary Enrichment Curriculum at the Bishop Aldhelm’s provides termly courses for all pupils across a range of subjects.  The courses cover a wide range of areas but are typically focused around areas which are difficult to teach within main curriculum time.

The school is always looking to expand the range of courses offered, so please contact the school office if you would like to get involved.

The courses aim to engage with all pupils to demonstrate interest and skills within specific subject areas.  The aim is to widen participation and raise pupils' aspirations in context outside of the classroom.  We hope that pupils will develop a further passion and understanding for their subject, which can be developed further at home.

Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating learning is at the heart of BABA. The use of the name " Bachelor of Arts" is intended to inspire pupils to join a community of learners and to raise their aspirations.

Certificates are awarded at the end of each academic year; BABA Undergraduate – 1 Bishop Bond Rewarded, BABA Postgraduate – 2 Bishop Bonds Rewarded and BABA Doctorate levels– 3 Bishop Bonds Rewarded.  Honorary Certificates - 4 Bishop Bonds Rewarded, are also awarded for outstanding achievement and commitment.


A common theme throughout the ‘BABA’ is the delivery of Trail Blazers.  Trail Blazers is an exciting scheme promoting outdoor learning and environmental education for young people of all ages. Trailblazer is a scheme for schools to help co-ordinate, support and develop their work in the outdoors:

  • An outdoor learning scheme enabling schools to incorporate learning outside the classroom across the curriculum in an exciting way.
  • An easily-accessible bank of ideas/resources to make being outdoors a stimulating learning experience.

Why Trailblazers

In outdoor learning situations young people can often achieve more than they may be capable of in more traditional learning environments. Trailblazer can support the school in providing exciting opportunities that engage young people and enhance learning.


children climbing wall

'... children who are more quiet in class come out of themselves and lead activities...'

'... it has a very positive affect on the behaviour of those who find classroom life difficult...'


Boys using hoop for maths

'...the children's faces light up when we are learning outside and this is noticed by all staff...'

'... we see children in a different light when they are muddy, laughing, engaged and clearly happy..'


boy in cornfield

'... helps create memories for the children that they remember which in turn has a positive impact on their learning..'

'... children are enthusiastic and positive. They love all the Maths and Literacy we have done..



children digging

'... inspires writing for a purpose from first hand experiences...'

'... children that are more practical than academic have a chance to shine...'


children pond dipping

'... showing what we are achieving in the outdoors really helps children relate to the world around us...'

'... has helped the children to respect and care for their environment...'



Bishop Aldhelm’s Bachelor of Arts – ‘BABA’



Year Group





Getting to Know You

Good Citizen

Outdoor Learning

Trail Blazers and Minibeasts


Home/Safety First

Outdoor Learning

Trail Blazers,

SSSI Plants and Animals

Looking after ourselves and others


1st Half- Keeping ourselves safe- Road and Fire Safety

2nd Half- Global Neighbours- Cotton and Fair trade

Life Skills

Including- touch typing

Outdoor Learning

Trail Blazers- natural music



Outdoor Learning

Trail Blazers- life cycles and seasons

Wildlife and Water

Water cycle, conservation and global neighbours



Global neighbours, gloabl warming

Cultures of the World

Traditions and festivals

Outdoor Learning

Trail Blazers


Outdoor Learning

Trail Blazers- trees and birds

First Aid

Healthy Heart/Sports Leader


1st Half- Orienteering

2nd Half- Finance


1st Half- Public Speaking

2nd Half- Production