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Covid-19 Related Information 

We recognise the impact that Covid-19 has on people's lives as well as children's education. We therefore have tried to offer support in a variety of ways to help families through this time. 

Please email your child's class teacher for support with learning. For pastoral or family support, please contact the pastoral team. 

Useful email addresses:

EYFS Email -

Year 1 Email -

Year 2 Email -

Year 3 Email -

Year 4 Email -

Year 5 Email -

Year 6 Email -

Pastoral Care –


Documents with each year group's current home learning plan and the links to sessions.  

Our Remote Learning Offer gives information about how learning will be provided when children are isolating at home or when there are partial school closures. 

Our Covid-19 Catch Up Plan gives information about how funding is being used to mitigate the loss of learning and negative impact that the pandemic has had on children at Bishop Aldhelm's. 

We appreciate that both adults and children are being asked to work more online. We have put together a list of ideas that support learning without the need for technology to give children a break from looking at a screen. 

A document explaining how to set up visual stress resources on computers to support eye strain.