Bishop Aldhelm's CE

Primary School

Loved by God; United in Learning


"To learn a language is to have more than one window from which to look at the world." - Chinese proverb


Our School Values in Languages:

We show love by learning about and appreciating different languages and cultures. 

We show courage by being brave and trying out our languages skills, especially with our penfriends and on trips to other countries, such as France and China.

We show unity by working with a partner or in a group to practise our skills and welcoming our visitors from different countries. 

We show inspiration by encouraging others to have a go. 

Our curriculum: 

At Bishop Aldhelm’s all children in key stage 2 are given the opportunity to study a foreign language curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils. We aim for the foreign language knowledge of our pupils to progress each academic year in the four key language learning skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The children will be taught through a varied and engaging range of activities to develop a genuine interest and positive curiosity about foreign languages and other cultures and communities around the world as global citizens. Through acquiring a new language, it also enables pupils to become more confident communicators and learners.

Through language lessons at Bishop Aldhelm’s , we are striving to help all children develop : a love of learning new skills; courage to use these skills in a variety of contexts both in and out of school; deepening their sense of unity with the wider language rich world and inspiring others to become lifelong language learners.

At Bishop Aldhelm’s we teach French in Key Stage 2. Our curriculum progresses through listening, speaking, reading and writing. The concepts of phonics, vocabulary and grammar are taught throughout each of these areas. The curriculum has a strong focus on developing children’s understanding and use of verbs in French. Planned practice and review of phonics, vocabulary and grammar is in place to help develop children’s confidence with French and help to commit this new language into their long term memory. Topics are chosen to develop children’s knowledge sufficiently to enable them to write to and then meet their French Penpals in Year 6. 

Our Young Interpetors (see our EAL page) also allow our children to develop their knowledge of different cultures and languages across the school. 

Importance to Bishop Aldhelm’s children:

At Bishop Aldhelm’s we have developed links and opportunities with schools across the world. Every year, our link school from France, come to stay. In Year 6, all children become pen pals with Year 6 children at our link school in France. They write to them during the year and then meet when the children come over on their trip in the summer. The skills learnt across KS2 build to being able to complete this project. We also run a trip for KS2 children to France.

We want children leaving Bishop Aldhelm’s to be able to:

Say, read and write basic phrases in French.

Have an understanding about how life is different but also similar in France.

Have had experiences of working and playing with children from other cultures

What do we really want for the children at BAPS in French?

-       To be able to communicate with confidence 

-       To know how to be able to explore the language further

-       To understand the culture of another country