Bishop Aldhelm's CE

Primary School

Loved by God; United in Learning

Foundation Subjects

At Bishop Aldhelm's, our wider curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our children, with a clear framework in place for each subject that sets out the National Curriculum objectives along with the knowledge to be taught. Our curriculum is developed with a focus on ensuring that children have the right knowledge and skills to help them on the next step in their education. 

Research shows that a child's vocabulary is the best predictor for future success and this is why it is a key focus within our curriculum. Every unit of work has clearly defined vocabulary that is explicitly taught to the children to develop their oracy.  

At Bishop Aldhelm's, we are fortunate to live in an area with vast landscape, history and industry. As a result, where possible, learning is linked to the local world around us. 

Our curriculum is designed to build on knowledge over time both within subjects and overtime so that learning is remembered and linked.  


 Please follow the links on the left handside to read more about each of the wider curriculum subjects. On each page you will be able to read the following:

* how our values are developed through the subject

* the aims for each subject

* what we want children leaving Bishop Aldhelm's being able to do in that subject

* local links- where the subject can be seen in real life within our local area

* key concepts covered in each subject and the year groups these are taught in

* whole school long term plan showing the progression of knowledge