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Home Learning Tasks

Posted on 17/03/2020

Weekly work:

Weekly home learning will continue to be provided on a Wednesday in the same format that is currently used.

This will uploaded to the year group website page. 

  • All home learning tasks will be uploaded on a Friday (starting Friday 1st May), rather than the Monday.  This will give you time to access this over the weekend and subsequently prepare for the week ahead. 

  • We are also looking at publishing our bespoke home learning on a printer friendly format – if this is an issue for you please do call the school office to arrange collection of printed home learning – this can be collected when you go out for your daily exercise.

  • We will continue with our planning of bespoke work but will also share with you Government approved web learning, - this can be completed instead of our plans, in addition to our plans or not used at all.  We would simply encourage you to follow some form of home learning that suits your day/week.

  • BBC BiteSize is also a great resource that I know some of you are enjoying, together with Joe Wicks and various other online lessons.

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