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At Bishop Aldhelm’s we have a number of channels of communication for parents and carers. There are now many ways to communicate with staff from across the school. It can be difficult to know which method of communication  is most appropriate to use at any time. This booklet aims to outline  the purpose of each communication method and when to use them.

Please remember that communication is a two way process. Help us to help you by keeping us informed. Our objective is to promote harmony and dignity throughout the school and we expect any communication or interaction between staff, children, parents/carers, visitors or the local community to be conducted with mutual respect in a calm and open manner.


Facebook Page: Bishop Aldhelm’s CE Primary School

Phone: 01202 715100



How do we share information with you?

As a school we try to take a paper free approach. Please make sure the office have the correct email and phone number for you so that you receive information.   Paper copies of letters are available at the office.

Weekly Wednesday Update:

Every Wednesday we email out all whole school letters as well as year group     specific letters. We also include a ‘post-it’ detailing key dates and information for the following week.

MCAS and text messages:

 You will receive text updates via the MCAS app or via your text. All key messages such as up-coming events or changes in the school day will be sent via this.


For information about our school such as the school day, curriculum, dates and copies of letters, visit our website

Facebook Page:

We have one official Facebook page, please follow us at Bishop Aldhelm’s CE    Primary School. We regularly update the page with important information,  key dates and pictures celebrating the fantastic learning that the children do in school.

We are happy for you to ‘like’ posts and pictures but please do not comment on any of the posts.


At the end of each half term we email out a newsletter with information from each year group, different stakeholders and subject areas within the school. The     newsletter will update you on events that have happened in school and provide you with dates for the following term. 

If you are happy for your child’s picture to be used on our website, Facebook page or newsletter then please ensure you have signed  a ‘photo permission form’  available at the school office.


How can you share information with us?


Please phone our school number 01202 715100 as soon as possible if your child will be absent from school. Please also call to inform us about any changes to your child’s collection arrangements. If possible please phone before 2:30 pm to allow the office staff enough time to deliver the message to the class teacher.

Morning Messages:

Teachers in EYFS and KS1 and Teaching Assistants in KS2 are available on the    entrance doors in the morning to pass on quick messages and to meet and greet the children. The office is open from 8am till 4pm if you wish to deliver a message.

Class Teachers:

If you wish to have a meeting to see your child’s class teacher then please make an appointment via the school office. For quick questions or comments, teachers are usually available at the end of the school day in their classrooms or can be contacted via the year group emails listed at the bottom of this page.

Headship Team:

Members of the Headship Team  are: Scott Tait (Head Teacher), Lizzie Sharpe (Deputy Head Teacher), Sarah Draper (Assistant Head Teacher) and Cheryl Smith (Assistant Head Teacher). The Headship Team are available on the gate at the start and end of the school day and are happy to help in any way they can.  If you have a question about something happening in class, please speak to your child’s teacher first as they will usually be best placed to help resolve any issues.

Pastoral Care and SEN:

Our pastoral team, including Lucy Strickland (our SENCo), are on the gates every morning and afternoon. They are happy to answer questions or arrange a convenient time to meet with you in school.




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Your Voice

"Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or   destructively using words of despair." Yehuda Berg.

Good communication is much more than the exchange of information. We recognise our responsibility as your child’s educators to effectively transmit information, develop understanding and build trust and confidence with you as parents and carers.

Parental involvement is essential in helping our school run smoothly. So if you would like to let us know that someone has done a particularly good job, your child has really enjoyed an activity or you have a suggestion about how we can improve then please let us know.

Head Teacher Reviews:

Each term we hold a ‘Head Teacher Review’ session where parents and carers are invited in for an informal chat with the Headship Team. These sessions are designed for you to make suggestions about ways in which we can improve further as well as giving an opportunity to celebrate what is going well. If you would like to contribute but cannot attend the session then we welcome    contributions by email.

Despite some children thinking we are robots, we are in fact humans! If we make a mistake, we would really appreciate it if you came and spoke to us  directly and allow us to help put things right rather than posting on social   media.