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Staff & Governors

Our Helpful Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teachers:

Mr. N. Revell – Head Teacher
Mrs. C. Bolton – Deputy Head Teacher
Mr. S. Tait – Assistant Head Teacher
Mr. J. Webb – Assistant Head Teacher

Our Talented Teaching Staff: 

Mr. R. Sharp – Teacher – FRS (Senior Leadership Team - Leader of Year Foundation)
Mrs. S. Torok – Teacher – FST
Miss E. Christie – Teacher – FEC
Miss L. Malkin – Teacher – 1LM
Miss A. Rutherford – Teacher – 1AR
Mrs. C. Light – Teacher – 1LB
Mr. D. Hulse – Teacher – 1LB
Mrs. S. Parkinson – Teacher – 2SP (Senior Leadership Team – Leader of Years 1 and 2)
Mr. H. Penny – Teacher – 2HP
Mr. W. Montgomery – Teacher – 2WM
Mrs. D. Parkes – Teacher – 3DP (Senior Leadership Team – Leader of Years 3 and 4)
Mrs. W. Payne – Teacher – 3WP
Ms. E. Piwowarska – Teacher – 3EP
Mr. M. Brennan – Teacher – 4MB
Mr. M. Dudley – Teacher – 4MD
Mr. A. Lockett – Teacher – 5AL
Mr. L. Wright – Teacher – 5LW
Mr. S. McCully – Teacher – 6JW (Senior Leadership Team – Leader of Years 5 and 6)
Miss E. Sharpe – Teacher – 6ES
Miss A. Lindsey – Teacher

Mrs. S. Arnott – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Baksa – Teaching Assistant
Mr. S. Bertie – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. E. Connolly – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. Flatt – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. Franco – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. Giles – Teaching Assistant
Miss K. Goodenough – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Gover – Teaching Assistant and Librarian
Mr. A. Howard – Teaching Assistant
Miss J. Hughes – Teaching Assistant
Miss M. Jones – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. B. Knjiff – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss S. McKay – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Martin – Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Merritt – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. N. Preville – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Tasker – Teaching Assistant
Miss V. Walker – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs. A. Wilson – Teaching Assistant
Mrs. A. Windsor – Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Wright – Teaching Assistant

Our Organised Office Team:

Mrs. K. Ebong – School Business Manager (Senior Leadership Team)
Mrs. L. Buxton – Personal Assistant To The Head Teacher
Mrs. C. Dodd – Office Assistant
Mrs. J. Murray – Receptionist
Mrs. L. Tapping – Pupil Data Assistant and First Aider
Mrs. B. Thompson – Reprographics and Lost Property Assistant
Miss A. Willis – Finance Assistant

Our Wonderful Welfare Team:

Mrs. S. Carter – Pastoral Care Worker
Mrs. D. Eaton – Pastoral Care Worker

Our Thoughtful Technician Staff:

Mr. J. O’Keefe – I.C.T. Technician

Our Special Site and Charming Cleaning Team: 

Mr. P. Torok – Site Manager
Mrs. P. Hurrell – Cleaner In Charge
Mrs. A. Elms – Cleaner
Mr. J. Hurrell – Cleaner
Mr. T. Hurrell – Cleaner
Mr. B. Smith – Cleaner
Mrs. C. Whitty – Cleaner

Our Lovely Lunchtime Supervisor, Play Leader and Hot Meals Assistant Team:

Miss K. Tinkler – Senior Lunch Time Supervisor (Hall and Hot Meals Leader)
Miss S. Merritt – Senior Play Leader (Outside Play Activities Leader)
Miss E. Wright – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor (Lunch Time Personnel Leader)

Mr. S. Bertie – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. V. Bundy – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. H. Choudhury – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. P. Ferry – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. L. Head – Lunchtime Supervisor (Pastoral)
Mrs. A. Iffath – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. S. Rhodes – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. A. Elms – Play Leader
Mrs. M. Giles – Play Leader
Mr. A. Howard – Play Leader
Miss J. Hughes – Play Leader
Mrs. A. Wilson – Play Leader
Mrs. A. Windsor – Play Leader

Mrs. N. Akter – Hot Meals Assistant
Mrs. L. Dunning – Hot Meals Assistant
Mrs. S. Excell – Hot Meals Assistant
Mrs. N. Swatridge – Hot Meals Assistant

Our Great Governor Team:

Mrs. A. Gridley – Foundation Governor (Chair of Governors) - c/o Bishop Aldhelm’s C.E. (V.A.) Primary School
Mr. C. Cupper – Local Authority Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)
Mr. N. Revell – Head Teacher Governor
Mrs. D. Baker – Foundation Governor
Mrs. C. Bolton – Associate Governor
Mr. J. Clark – Foundation Governor
Mrs. D. Eaton – Foundation Governor
Mrs. K. Ebong – Associate Governor
Mrs. N. Hill – Foundation Governor
Mrs. H. Moxam – Foundation Governor
Mrs. S. Poole – Parent Governor
Mr. R. Sharp – Staff Governor
Mr. J. Sherman – Parent Governor
Mr. S. Tait – Associate Governor
Mr. M. Thresh – Foundation Governor

Mrs. J. Davies – Clerk to the Governors - c/o Bishop.Aldhelm’s C.E. (V.A.) Primary School

The different categories of governors are:
- Foundation Governors are appointed by the school's founding body which, for our school, is St. Aldhelm’s Church.
- LA (Local Authority) Governors are nominated by the local councillors.
- Parent Governors have a child in school at the time of their election and are elected by the parents with children at the school.
- Staff Governors are members of staff at the school and are elected by their colleagues. This category includes the Head Teacher (who serves in an ex officio capacity), teaching and non-teaching staff. Unlike parent governors, when a member of staff leaves the school he/she must also leave the governing body.
- Associate Governors are appointed by the governing body to join the group.

Copies of the minutes of all committee and full Governing Body meetings are held in school and are available to parents.

If you require any further information with regard to the work of the Governing Body please contact the Clerk, Chair of Governors or Head Teacher through the School Office.