Bishop Aldhelm's CE

Primary School

Loved by God; United in Learning

School Staff

 Headship Team 2022/2023




Mr Scott Tait

Overall Leadership

Strategic Direction and Vision

Capacity To Improve

Staffing and Personnel

Self-Evaluation / School Improvement Plan



Coaching, Mentoring and Monitoring


Governor Liaison with whole school


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Lizzie Sharpe

Deputise for the Headteacher in his absence

Inclusion Manager (Inclusion Team Leader)

Curriculum Leader

Deputy Behaviour/ Designated Safeguarding Lead

Learning Exchange/ CPD

Progress, Assessment and Standards

Teaching Assistants



Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. Cheryl Smith

Church School /SIAMS (SMSC Team Leader)

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Behaviour Lead

Learning and Teaching Mentor

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Lunch Times

Communication for KS2 

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Sarah Draper

Learning and Teaching Mentor

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Teacher Absence Arrangements

Communication for EYFS and KS1 

Business Manager

Mrs Karen Ebong

Financial Management - systems, policies and procedures

Budgetary Planning

Financial reporting to Governing Body

Human Resources Management

Finance and Administration staff

Statutory Returns

Lettings - contract & financial arrangements


Mrs. Lucy Strickland

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teachers 2022/23

Year Group


Subject/ Aspect Leadership


Miss. Laura Maher


Year F

Mrs. Steph Brennan (0.6)

Mrs. Caroline Light (0.6)

 Science BABA

 School Council

Year F 

Mrs. Hannah Kassiri 

 MFL (Modern Foreign Language- French) and EYFS

Year F

Miss Lorraine Malkin

 RE and Extended Schools

Year 1

Miss. Rachel Dominey 


Year 1

Miss. Emily King


Year 1

Mrs. Karen Walsh


Year 2

Mrs. Alex Davis

 Strategic Leader for Whole School English

Year 2

Mrs. Naomi Sheppard 


Year 2

Miss. Lily Stickland


Year 3

Miss. Francesca Alton


Year 3

Miss. Katie Kynaston

 Art and ECT (Early Career Stage Mentor) 

Year 3

Mrs Kirsten Langridge

Miss. Laura Whiting (0.6)

 MFL and Eco Team 


Year 4

Mr. Andrew Coman

 Design Technology

Year 4

Mrs. Su Parkinson

 PE and Sports Premium 

Year 4

Ms. Ewa Piwowarska 

 EAL (English as an Additional Language) 

Year 5

Mr. Adam Bardsley

 Design Technology

Year 5

Mrs. Jodie Kincaid


Year 5

Mr. Andrew Lockett

 Strategic Leader for Whole School Maths

Year 6

Mr. Jack Parrett

 Music and ECT (Early Career Stage) Mentor

Year 6

Mr. Damian Startin

 RE and SIAMS 

Year 6

Miss. Ocean White 


Year 6

Mrs. Amanda Murdoch (.6)

 British Values and Pupil Voice


HLTAs (Higher Level Teaching Assistants)

Mrs. Lucy Campbell 

Mrs. Belinda Knjiff 

Mrs. Jeanette Noakes 

Mrs. Nicola Preville 

Miss. Bilyana Stanoevska

Miss. Vanessa Walker 

Teaching Assistants 

Miss. Kiera Campbell-Smith 

Miss. Victoria Carter

Mrs. Elaine Connolly 

Mrs. Kelly Douglass

Mr. George Dearden

Mrs. Claire Franco

Mrs. Ivana Fraser 

Mrs. Claire Greetham 

Mrs. Kelly Hawkins

Miss Kirsty Hogg

Miss Jeannie Hughes 

Ms Michelle Jones

Mrs. Sarah Martin

Mrs Sylwia Mietka 

Miss. Molly Prince

Mrs. Ruth Renshaw

Miss. Elizabeth Rivers

Mrs. Helen Robbins 

Miss. Karen Simpson

Mrs. Laura Smith 

Mrs. Helen Squire 

Mr. Tony Stevens 

Mrs. Faye Stewart

Mrs. Helen Vaughan

Miss. Vicky White

Miss. Emma Wright

Music Teaching Team:

Mr. Mark Anstead - Violin and Piano Teacher

Mr. David Ashley - Drum and Guitar Teacher

Ms. Tiff Weaton-Green - Piano Teacher

Office Team:

Mrs. Karen Ebong - School Business Manager

Mrs. Caroline Giles- Admin Assistant

Mrs. Rachael Davies - PA to the Headteacher- On Maternity Leave 

Mrs. Lisa Tapping - Pupil Data Administrator / First Aider

Mrs. Heidi Moxam - Office Manager / First Aider

Mrs. Hannah Watkins - Office Administrator 

Mrs Abi Burnell - PA/Receptionist- Maternity Leave

Pastoral Care Team:

Miss Kerrie Goodenough- Mental Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Mrs Kelly Hawkins- Pastoral Care Worker

Django - School Therapy Dog

ICT Systems Manager:

Owen Hurrell - ICT Manager

Lunch Time Staff:

Mrs. Amanda Elms – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor (Play Leader)

Miss Emma Wright – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor (Lunch Time Personnel Leader)

Mrs. Kerrie Rollinson – Senior Hot Meals Supervisor (Hot Meals Team Leader)

Lunchtime Supervisor Team Play Leader Team Hot Meals Assistant Team

Mrs. Kelly Hawkins (Pre-School)

Mrs. Cheryl Edwards (Pre-School)

Ms. Laura Maher (Pre-School)

Miss Victoria Carter

Mrs. Helen Squire 

Miss. Hollie Hayward

Miss. Kelly Pugh

Miss. Vicky White

Miss. Kiera Campbell-Smith 

Miss Karen Simpson

Miss Claire Plumridge

Miss. Jeannie Hughes

Mrs. Ivana Fraser

Mrs. Sarah Martin

Mr. Jake Hurrell

Mrs. Gemma Brock 

Miss. Chloe Robbins 

Mrs. Helen Vaughan 

Ms. Kelly Douglass

Mrs. Claire Franco

Mrs. Helen Robbins

Miss. Molly Prince

Mrs Helen Vaughan

Ms. Daveena Tweed

Ms. Sophie Palmer 

Mrs. Michelle Ray


Site Manager:

Mr. Neil Davies

Cleaner In Charge:

Mrs. Phyllis Hurrell

Cleaning Team:

Mrs. Gemma Brock

Mrs. Amanda Elms

Mr. Jake Hurrell 

Mr. Tim Hurrell

Miss Sonia De Sousa


Staff on Maternity Leave

Mrs. Hayley Coulson 

Mrs. Rachael Davies

Miss. Rebecca Hardwick



Mr Will Stephens

Foundation Governor Chair of Governors

Mrs. Su Spence 

Foundation Governor Vice Chair of Governors

Mr. Scott Tait

Headteacher Governor

Mrs. Cheryl Smith

Associate Governor

Miss. Lizzie Sharpe

Associate Governor

Mrs. Karen Ebong

Associate Governor

Miss. Sarah Draper 

Associate Govenor

Mrs. Diane Eaton

Foundation Governor

Father Pip Martin

Foundation Governor


Staff Governor

Mrs Teresa Grist

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Bryony Morrison

Foundation Governor

Mr Drew Mellor

Co-opted Govenor