Bishop Aldhelm's CE

Primary School

Loved by God; United in Learning

Year 2

The Team

Teaching staff in Year 2 are Miss MacDonald (2AM), Mr Coman (2AC) and Miss Shepphard (2NS)

Our HLTA is Mrs Preville

Our Teaching Assistants are: Miss White, Miss Rivers and Mrs Carter 

In this section we have uploaded documents which give you further information about our curriculum coverage in school, which will help you with supporting your child’s learning.


Knowledge Organisers

In the download list below you will see links to our Knowledge Organisers. Some of these are for the whole year (PE, RE and the safety curriculums). The others will show the term that they are covered. You can use the Knowledge Organisers to help your child learn the key vocabulary and knowledge points that they need to remember. 


Helpful documents

The following link provides more information on Letters and Sounds. During this half term, the year 2 children will be taking the phonic screen check which they were due to take in the summer term of year 1.

We encourage children to always form their letters and numbers accurately.


In the download list below you will see a link to our Meet the Teacher presentation.