Bishop Aldhelm's CE

Primary School

Loved by God; United in Learning

Values & Ethos

We promise that every member of our school community is known, loved and valued for who they are.

We work tirelessly to ensure that every learner at Bishop Aldhelm’s C.E. Primary School is enriched as a person by their experiences at our school. We are passionately committed to the notion that every moment spent in school must be a valuable, productive learning opportunity for every child. We are equally passionate and determined to make the learning opportunities which we provide deep, fun, memorable and meaningful. Happy learners are successful learners … learning at Bishop Aldhelm’s is an adventure without horizons. We constantly seek the views of children, parents and the wider community about how we can ensure that the learning opportunities which we provide are dynamic.

The christian ethos of our school, with care at its core, is an invaluable cornerstone of our mission. Children will learn so much about positive inter-personal relationships and about what in the world is of true intrinsic value. They will learn how conscience, self-control and respect for others are vital. We seek to help our learners become responsible members of society, committed to making God’s world an even better place.

Our school is a safe environment where children can flourish spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and aesthetically.

We are ambitious for all our learners while constantly promoting an understanding that everybody learns in different ways and at different rates. That is part of what makes each and every one of us unique and special. We pledge to personally support every learner to achieve their own optimum standards in terms of attainment and progress. We seek for children to become self-motivated in their desire to strive for their very best and to grow as resilient human beings able to tackle a range of challenging activities.

Our futures-based curriculum constantly evolves in order to prepare our learners to flourish with confidence both now and throughout their lives. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to cover both a wide spectrum of knowledge and 'real life skills'. By 'real life skills' we mean that we recognise how vital it is for children to apply what they have learned ‘in real contexts’ and to learn through these contexts too. We recognise that it is our role to teach and guide children as to how to prosper within society, how to apply knowledge and skills, how to interact with others, how to thrive within the world of work and our curriculum is enhanced through frequent opportunities for children to develop experience and confidence with such 'real life skills'. We hold that schoolmust serve as preparation for future life in the 'real world'.

Our School Values

Psalm 23 ‘The Lord is our shepherd, we have everything we need’ is the foundation of our Bishop Aldhelm’s Values. Our Values are at the core of all of all that we do in our daily school life. 

Love - We love because God has loved us first, cared for and protected us.

Courage - We are courageous and take new opportunities because God is with us. 

Unity - We live in unity with each other, following Jesus' example and belief in the trinity. 

Inspiration - We can inspire others because of God's goodness and inspiration for us. We are inspired for life-long learning.